Buying a Home is an Emotional Experience

I'm here to provide you with an independent, professional opinion so you can make the right choice.

A home inspection is an objective visual inspection of the physical structure and systems of the home. The inspection will provide you with detailed, unbiased information.

I'll also help you understand which problems are major, and which problems can be corrected inexpensively.

A happy family moving into their new home after a home inspection in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Hire a Home Inspector Who Has Your Best Interests in Mind

As your home inspector it is my duty, and my privilege, to provide you with the best service possible and to equip you with the information you need about the condition of the property. As a licensed plumber for over three decades with extensive experience with HVAC systems, appliance installations, and remodelling — I have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide a detailed inspection and to distinguish between major and minor problems with the home.

Experience That Matters
  • Licensed plumber for over 30 years. (JP29700272, HVAC EPA-608 (CFC-Refridgeration) Tech Cert: 1259713486, IDEM Cross connection P08-3367, multiple high pressure pipe welding certifications, 30 hr OSHA)
  • Experience in all aspects of plumbing including roof drains, hot water circulation systems, backflow, supply systems, and drainage/waste/ventiliation.
  • Installed and serviced HVAC systems, from residential to large commercial and industrial systems.
  • Welded pipes for almost every application including pharmaceuticals, oil refineries, electrical generation, and natural gas — just to name a few.
  • Held installation contracts with a large national appliance relailer.
  • Experience remodelling multiple kitchens and bathrooms, along with additions.
  • Authority on garage door openers, dishwashers, micro-hoods, and more.
Ted Mancourt from Precision Inspection & Evaluation


I have the experience and knowledge necessary to give you a clear look at the current condition of your home. I combine a formal education with real-world experience in the field to bring a trained perspective to every one of my home inspections.


The value of a home inspection comes from the potential cost of the issues it uncovers. I offer thorough inspections at competitive rates to ensure you get the most value, ultimately saving money and gaining confidence in your purchase.


I understand that you're busy. I'll work with you to schedule your home inspection at a time that works well for you. Although I strongly encourage you to tag along, your presence at the inspection is not required.


Even the most experienced and capable home inspectors are capable of making mistakes. I carry Errors & Omissions insurance, as well as General Liability insurance, so you can rest easy.


I've been certified by AHIT, the largest home inspector training institution in North America. AHIT provides some of the highest quality education in the home inspection industry.

Precision Inspection & Evaluation is certified by AHIT, the American Home Inspectors Training Institute.

A Home Inspection Is about More than Saving Money

Buying a new house is scary, especially for first-time home buyers. Many problems can be hidden or require a trained eye to notice. These include rotting floors, structural failures, moisture penetration, mold growth, electrical and fire hazards, and so on. Any one of these problems can turn a home into a money pit, or even put your family in danger. That's where I come in. A professional home inspection from Precision Inspection & Evaluation will help put your mind at ease and make the buying process easier.

Get to Know Me
Veteran-owned home inspection company

Precision Inspection & Evaluation Is a Veteran-Owned Company.

Precision Inspection & Evaluation is a veteran-owned company. I'm not afraid of a little hard work, and I am willing to put in the effort no matter the circumstances. Through my home inspection services, I continue to serve my community and put that experience to work for you.

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Precision Inspection & Evaluation provides professional home inspection services in Rockville, Lafayette, Clinton, Crawfordsville, Danville, Terre Haute, Brownsburg, Spencer, Frankfort, Greencastle, Avon, Lebanon, Brazil, and surrounding areas in Indiana. Not sure if that's you? Give me a call at (765) 337-3846 or send me an email.

Request an Inspection

Let me know when you would like to have your inspection. I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible to confirm the date and get more information. If I can't fit you in on the date you've chosen, then I'll work with you to find an available date that fits nicely into your schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns before scheduling your inspection, please contact us and I will be happy to address them.

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